Alice & John

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I met Alice and John at Bridal Extravaganza, and hit off right away. You could tell they had been together for a while; finishing eack others sentence’s or just by the way they looked at eachother when the other one was talking. Pure love and admiration. They were very concerned about getting the picture’s to depict a certain style. For their wedding they wanted realness, photo-journalistic style; they didn’t want anything to look forced or posed. I love this style; it gives me a chance to really bring out my creativity and capture the candidness of the day. The venue House on The Hill; was a perfect setting for the style we wanted. It has so much greenery, and character. Highly recommend for any event.

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The pictures I captured were never posed or position; I even found myself thinking I was paparazzi and would hide behind bushes to get the shot. I loved that they wanted to meet prior to make sure I knew what they wanted, and that we were all comfortable with eachother.

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Their vows to eachother were so geniune and truthful. Talked about their insecurities, when they first fell in love, to when he built a garden outside her dorm in college, so it would remind her of home. I truly appreciate when I photograph a wedding and know that the couple is making the right desicion and you know it’s going to last a lifetime.

Congrat’s Alice and John wish you all the happiness in the world!

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