Alicia & Amadeo

Photographing in Georgetown Texas is probably one of my favorite places. So many opportunities for scenery; like pizza parlors, wedding venues like The Union on 8th, or old distressed stair cases that have been there since the early 1900’s. 

When I first met Alicia and Amedeo, they found me on The Knot, and when we meet it was at 600 Degrees Pizzaria. Where we discussed their wedding by sharing pizza and beer. Right away I loved this couple, they were just so, real! They have been together for a couple years, and even though they aren’t very traditional, they still wanted to celebrate their love in a big way. 

They wanted their engagement pics to reflect who they are, and not feel too corny. I allowed them to do their own thing, laugh when they wanted, cuddle, hold hands, or even drink their beers. I wanted to capture the realness of the day and who they are as a couple. 

We went all over Georgetown, found some amazing places that reflected their style. We ended the shoot at The Union, and loved shooting in and outside their vintage trailer. 

The weather was perfect with a little overcast, to create even lighting throughout every picture. I used a canon Mark II with my 85mm 1.4 and 50mm 1.8. Capturing every detail with clarity and precision. 

I cannot wait to photograph Alicia and Amadeo’s wedding this fall! 

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