Baby O

This day last year this beautiful little angel entered our lives. She has blessed us with so many smiles, giggles, long luscious hair, and taking her first steps just one week ago.

untitled(153of195) She is a natural model, and loves being on the go. She lights up when she sees her Momma and Dadda, and when she sees a camera!
untitled(151of195) untitled(149of195) This little angel has such a promising future; filled with love, support and appreciation of life. She is miss social butterfly, and is very curious; which I believe will carry on through out her life, and make her a strong, independent woman.

untitled(145of195) untitled(143of195)
untitled(140of195) untitled(139of195) Not only is she my best friend’s baby, she is my first baby girl that I fell in love with at first site. I cannot wait to see what life has in store for her!


untitled(74of195) untitled(73of195)                          Happy First Birthday Ms. Olivia Cronk!

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