Baby Olivia’s Arrival

I was fortunate to not only capture the love of these two parents with their engagement photo’s but also with the arrival of their baby girl Olivia Noel. Samantha the mother was miraculous; through each contraction she was silent, meditating through the pain. Once the contraction was over she would sit up and carry a conversation like nothing had happened. Dustin the father was right their by her side showing love through kisses and words of encouragement.

She had the support of her friends and both sets of parents. We all waited patiently, our ears to the door; straining to hear a baby cry. Once we did there were only tears of joy and laughter. Dustin then came out of the room, eyes glistening with tears of joy, smiling from ear to ear, holding his baby girl. I knew I needed to photograph this special moment; because in this moment it was pure happiness.

I got to follow Dustin and Olivia to get her vitals checked. I was able to capture Dustin starring in admiration at his baby girl. It was a moment that is miraculous in itself. Capturing the moment when Olivia started opening her eyes for the first time, the interaction with the new father; it’s a moment that makes my job so amazing. I can photograph and capture a moment in which their lives changed forever.

Congratulations to the wonderful parents, and welcome to the world Baby Olivia.



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  1. Aubre. You have a gift God has given. There are no words I can express to say what I just saw! Brought tears to my eyes. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. Thank you so much. Love you lots! Toni

  2. I will never forget that day. My heart was filled with joy when Olivia was born. I could barely speak with out crying. My strong son waited patiently for his tiny baby to be born while he stood so lovingly next to his amazing woman. Thank you both for letting me share one the most important days of my life and thank you Aubrey for capturing it all on film for us. U truly are a patient and talented photographer.

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