Becky & Paul

I love working with clients that have a vision but need a little help bringing it to life. I was fortunate to photograph Becky and Paul’s engagement pictures about a year ago. When Becky called me and said she wanted to do an anniversary photo shoot, I was all for it.

She sent me a couple inspirational photos of the vision she wanted. I was excited for all of them! She even had props and outfits already picked out; totally my style! We agreed we wanted it to feel candid but also come together in a styled way. Luckily they lived in a beautiful, cute neighborhood, so all we had to do was walk out their front door.

They wanted to incorporate their whole family which involved their dog who is 9 years old! Who was the funniest, and most cooperative dog I have ever taken pics of. She laid where we told her and looked straight at the camera every time. Perfect little model.

We wanted to make sure that these photo’s embodied the moment; which was to show a celebration of their one year marriage, and to show the love of their family dog.

This shoot was so much fun and came together beautifully. Just because you got married doesn’t mean you can’t keep on celebrating your love! Would love to do more anniversary photo shoots in the future. And also by-the-way, pop confetti champagne bottles are the best!!!

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