Bridal Extravaganza

Gyp C Girl Photography Austin Bridal Extravaganza

The Bridal Extravaganza show put on by The Wedding Guide is an adventure. There are 800 potential brides and grooms looking for vendors to make their special day perfection. I am always excited and nervous for these shows, but as I prepare for the show by setting up my booth with all my pictures I get a sense of relief because I let the photos speak for me. They represent so many special days with so many unique people.


This being my 5th Bridal Show I have made many connections with other vendors, and have been able to work with many of them. I was very excited to see Baron’s Creek Vineyard displaying the photos I took at their venue! I love being able not only to help brides, but local businesses flourish and succeed. I really appreciate when people acknowledge how important photography is to not only a wedding day but to a success of a business.


As I headed over to the show; I realize that “selling” to these brides is not hard because I love what I do; I love the excitement, the love, and the candidness of a wedding day. Being able to part of someones ultimately most memorable day of their lives is truly a blessing. I love when someone books with me, because I am invited to become close with them, and ultimately become their friend.
I had a bride and groom book with me because they said that they felt a closeness, that I genuinely seemed like I cared; which I do. I want to get to know the couple’s very well; so well that we become friends before and after the wedding. This way I will have a great grasp on what they are envisioning for their photos.
No matter how many weddings I do, I am still in love with my job and cannot wait to start 2017 by capturing memories for my brides and grooms. 0088 _MG_0312 _MG_0236-3 _MG_0123 _MG_0095