Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been a photographer?
For as long as I can remember I have been shooting; however I started Gypc Girl Photography in 2015.
Where are you based out of, and do you travel?
I am based out Austin Texas, but love traveling all over the world to bring joy to my clients.

How many images do you include per photo shoot?
I have a very hard time narrowing down to a few images; because every client has a specific way they like to look. I only get rid of photo’s that are blurry, dark, eyes are closed or I took a million photo’s of a first kiss at a wedding or candid moment’s I didn’t want to miss; I pick the best 3 out of those. You will get back on average for a portrait session 20-30, for a wedding 400-600 images.

How much editing do you do?
I don’t like to over edit; but I do like to make the images reflect the magic of the day. I will edit out any noise in the background, and edit out any skin blemishes you may have. I try to give you the best version of yourself.

Do you help posing?
I never liked the word pose, because it even sounds stiff; however I will help direct you to ease into the photo taking process. I want you to feel comfortable and feel your best! I even ask you what you’re insecure about; that way I can help take that insecurity away by hiding and directing your body to minimize it.

Do you help in the planning process?
I have 8 years experience being around commercial, portraits and weddings; I have seen it all, and would love to help coordinate outfits, locations, and timelines! I want to be a friends to reach out to and be a professional you can trust.

What is required to book a session with you?
a non-refundable deposit of 40%, and a signed contract

Have more questions? Contact us at (505) 480-3471 or at aubresalas@gmail.com