Did you know headshots range from $50-250? Let’s talk through your vision and your occasion to find the right package for your needs!


Style Smile Scene
“Professional with style”

Pictures that can be used for a website, press, social media and your own personal social pages too.

What to wear! 


-Ironed button down shirt 

-Light jacket optional 

-Shave or embrace the beard



-button downs

– sleeved dress

-nice sweater

+ If you wear glasses, be sure to test for reflection/glare + Solid, muted colors + Fresh & clean please!

Things not to wear! 

-Distracting jewelry 

-Wrinkles in clothes

-Tank tops

-Neon colors

-Brand names 

What you’ll get with this photo package:

You will be receiving 1 close up and 1 mid shot

Natural smile

with varying arm poses (hands in pocket, crossed, or hands on hips)

Styling for group shots

Agree on 3 base colors to stay in

(ex: maroon, white, black)

You do not need to wear all three colors, but keep your outfit choice within those colors.