I Am Woman


Today we march, today we fight, today we don’t step aside. Never in my 29 years of age did I think I would be fearful of my women’s rights being threatened. As I read on the Women’s march page they asked many participators why they march; all answers were different.

Pam H. “I am marching for my country, for anyone who has been bullied, for lovers of freedom, and in memory of my mother, born in the year women won the right to vote.”

Jenn K. “I’m marching for my daughter who told me she didn’t want to be a girl anymore because the new president hates girls.”

Elizabeth H. “I’ll be marching to show my daughter that she deserves to grow up in a country ruled by love and compassion for our fellow humans, no matter color, creed, or orientation, and the world we all live in together.”

These are just a few of many reasons why people are marching; they have passion, fear, love, driving them to stand up and defend what our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers fought for us to have.

We should never take for granted the rights that so many of us have been born into; that never had to work for it, riot, die, or suffer for. We need to preserve the right to vote, the right to choose, the right to have fare wages, the right to have a voice.



As I pondered about why I would march; will it change anything? Will I be judged? Will violence break out? The answer to all these questions was, yes. Yes it will help change, yes I will be judged, and yes violence will break out. We live in a world that still has hate, inequality, racism, sexism; this is our chance to rise against it. Our voices will be heard.

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Women are the most important beings, they give life. Need I say more? When I think of strong I think of women and the pain they endure bringing life into the world; how could anyone ever think they are weak, or not powerful. I have the privilege to be surrounded by so many beautiful lady friends; whom are all very unique. We all stand up and represent proudly who we are. In this picture alone we have African American, Hispanic, German, Russian, Choctaw and Cherokee, and Hmong. Even myself who is Hispanic and Lebanese. These are women that are proud of their heritage, embrace it and all have been born in America. They stand proud and and strong to fight for their rights as a women of color. They are not immigrants, they are citizens of the United States of America; they are what makes America great.

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   Today is the day we march, we march for our sisters, we march for mothers, we march for our rights, we march for us. WOMAN. untitled(11of20) untitled(10of20) untitled(9of20) untitled(9of16) untitled(8of20) untitled(7of20) untitled(6of20) untitled(6of16) untitled(5of20) untitled(5of16) untitled(4of20) untitled(4of16) untitled(3of20)

I Am Woman

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