Lone Star Beer

You never know when your connections are going to come back around and bring you opportunities that are beyond expectations.

I was fortunate to be able to represent an Austin based company  Lone Star Beer , and get to photograph at the historic Graffiti Wall at Castle Hill.

I visited this amazing art wall about 6 years ago, when I first moved to Austin. It was by far the best view of the city skyline; and still is today. I was blown away by the amazing talented graffiti artists and the fact that this was a free, safe place to express yourself and your creativity.

Austin has been changing a lot but still holds a sense of charm and weirdness when it comes to the art scene. So when I was asked to photograph an advertisement for LoneStar Beer at this place I was very excited. I was excited to capture the “old” Austin one last time.

The day couldn’t had been more perfect. We had to photograph at 1pm, which if you’re a photographer know that it is super bright at that time and can cause some harsh shadows. As I was driving over, an overcast of clouds came swooping in. Perfect lighting!!! Ever photo I took was perfection; not only because of the lighting but also because of my beautiful model Brit Von Bossy.

Super excited to see the new space for Castle Hill and the beautiful art that the citizens of Austin are going to create. You can’t dwell on change, you have to embrace it and be excited for the future! Thank you everyone that contributed to this shoot coming together so beautifully.

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