New Photobooth!

Looking for a vintage look to your day? Add a photobooth with a timeless feel.
How I got my start as a photographer was learning on film. Being able to photograph a subject, then take it to the dark room, and run through all the chemicals; and waiting patiently as the photo appeared was so unique and timeless.
Once Polaroids started making a come back, I knew it wouldn’t be hard to get people addicted to them again.
I recently purchased two awesome polaroid camera’s that take two different size prints. A great way to brighten any party or an event. I have seen them at weddings and they are definitely a hit! Great for a guest book, and for guests to take with them as a souvenir . I hope my clients enjoy them as much as I do!
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Vintage Photobooth
-FUJIFILM Instax mini 7s
 2×3 prints
-FUJIFILM Instax wide 300
 4×3 prints
-Photo album
-Back drop
-120 printsuntitled (7 of 7)