Rachel & Dug

Traveling to New Mexico is always a blessing. Not only do I get to see my family, the gorgeous sunsets, eat amazing red and green chile; I get to connect with past friends; like my good friend Rachel.

I had posted an event on Facebook for only my New Mexican friends, to be able to take advantage of a great photo deal. I advertised mini sessions of any kind; Rachel picked a session with her baby boy Dug. Rachel for almost two years was working over seas as a nurse on the Mercy Ships. She left her dog in the good hands of her parents. But a true love that comes from a dog, he never forgot his Rachel. He is such a sweet boy and as you can see from the pictures, he sure loves his ball.

When people ask what I like to photograph the most, I usually say anything that has life. I love capturing a gorgeous sunset, or breath-taking view; but I feel by adding a person or animal, into that scenery brings life to the photograph. Dogs especially bring joy and life to any photograph. I always tell my clients that when it comes to dog pics, it can take 10 minutes or it can take hours to get the shot; because of their attention span. I also warn them that I will be making some very loud strange noises; like barking, meowing, or bird noises; this is secret trick to get a dog to look your way and tilt their heads in curiosity. It also makes my client laugh and for me to get a geniune smile.

I love being able to capture families of all kinds; especially the fur babies. Cannot wait for my next fur baby family session.

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