The Wedding of Renee & Ross


One of my most memorable weddings this year was Mrs. Renee and Mr. Ross’s wedding. I met Ross and Renee at the Bridal Extravaganza show last January. Instantly Renee and I connected on friendship level. She was very excited about my last package that included 3 photoshoots prior and hair and makeup. She knew that her day was going to be special and wanted to do everything right. I was fortunate enough to photograph their engagement in the spring, her boudoir session in the summertime, and cover her rehearsal dinner, the night before the big day. Having being in their lives for a year before their wedding, allowed me to truly get to know both of them individually and as a couple. I truly believe that is what made capturing their day that much better. I knew how to speak to them, their style, knew their angles, and how to capture their love for each other.



The day of their wedding, the weather was perfect! Clear skies with a nice cool breeze. Ross and Renee seemed calm, but excited. Hair and make up was done beautifully by my good friend Latasha Green with Special Day Beauty, and video was produced by my other good friend Joe Williams. Working with close friends made the day go so smooth, because we knew each other’s style’s and knew how to talk to each other.


This day, the lighting, the beauty of the couple; truly was my most proud wedding. I am so happy for this couple; and cannot wait to see what the future hold’s for them! Congrats Renee and Ross.

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