Meet The Team
Aubre Salas is the mastermind behind Gypc Girl Photography.

Aubré Salas

Owner, Artist, Photographer
GypC Girl Photography is all about the people I meet, the places I go, and the spontaneity of each shoot. The name “Gypc,” defines my perspective and influences the intention of my work. I love the constant movement and energy of photography.  I embrace any opportunity to be flexible and mobile in order to respond to the needs of our clients.
My love for photography came from the desert of New Mexico, where I was raised. Given a camera at 5 years old, I became obsessed with envisioning a picture in my head by staring at the beautiful watermelon sun reflection on the mountains and making it into reality through the lens of a camera. Dream came true. 
As life progresses, my home, comfort, and love have always been photography, and knowing that my passion brings joy to other people with lasting memories is what makes my life worth living.
Kiera Hand is a photographer

Kiera Hand

My entire life, I’ve had a tendency to bend the rules. Pushing the limits with the school dress code, doing weird and out of the box things with my projects in art school, and photography is no exception. I refuse to be satisfied with the ordinary, standard methods of photographing weddings. I want to push the limits and create something extraordinary. 

Samantha Cronk

Hair & Makeup
I approach each client as an individual, creating a personalized look that complements their features and personality. My passion is to bring joy to the world through my art, and I’m honored to accomplish that by helping my clients look and feel their most beautiful. 

Neema Vedadi

Bat City Beats was born out of a passion for music and a drive to create unforgettable experiences. We’ve been in the business for over a decade, bringing energy and excitement to countless events. Our love for what we do is apparent in every beat and every light we set up.

Andre Kirmanidas

I originally grew up in Germany and then moved to the United States in 2000. In school I was very passionate about music which eventually led me to study Music Education in college. I wanted to teach music and connect with people but realized that I enjoyed the art of music more than I enjoyed and decided to pursue other passions. In 2002 my daughter Sophia came into this world. The Universe really proves that life will take you down many roads. Eventually I entered the medical field and became a paramedic, which I currently am still today. In all aspects I love connecting with people, being creative, and truly experiencing the best out of life. 


Fitness Coach
Hi! Zoë here, and I am thrilled for the chance to help you gain confidence and the radiant light that comes with being blissed out and happy in your own skin. You are beautiful, just as you are, so let’s get to the root of what lights you up and truly shine!   

Brian Rudy-Moghaddasi


After planning his own wedding with his partner, Brian instantly fell in love with the idea of wedding planning. Getting to plan every detail, meeting and working with the vendors, and making sure the event went off without a hitch reminded him how much he loved the process.

His ideal clients are couples who are looking for help and to collaborate with their planner and build a partnership to execute the event flawlessly. His mission is to help make sure his couples’ big day goes perfectly by guiding them throughout the planning process. Plus, he likes to grab a photo with the couple after the ceremony too!